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Just One Note

It is essential to help awareness of the Blues, this most important music - apart from playing it, or at least trying to play it. I love the Keith Richards quote: "I know more about the Blues today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I'll know tomorrow!"

I had the honor of meeting Freddie King in the 70's backstage at a Clapton concert and he was, well - what can I say? Beautiful!

Later, during a jam on a 12-bar blues with Eric and Larry Coryell, I watched from the side of the stage. Freddie, arms folded on his guitar, smiled through Clapton’s solo (essentially Freddie's notes) and right through Coryell’s wild, diminished and out-there solo (notes unheard in the blues in 1975). When it was Freddie’s turn, he just hit one note with his thumb and the crowd went crazy! I turned to my buddy and said: "You can do it with one note if you have the guts!" And I've been trying to do that all my life.

- Steve Webb
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Steve Webb
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The writer has been resident in Finland since 1998. Steve says: ”I have spent so long in the factories and on building sites that any gig is heaven!” Steve does 120 – 130 dates a year. In addition to solo gigs, he has had a band called The RetroRockets since 2004.

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