Arviot - Suomalaiset albumit

3.7.2019 Lauri & Satu, Frim-Fram Quartet, Ben Granfelt
4.6.2019 Pepe Ahlqvist H.A.R.P: Step on the Gas - Live at Möysä
22.5.2019 Erja Lyytinen: Another World
14.5.2019 Lena & The Slide Brothers: IV
21.3.2019 Ingelius Flamelight: Wings
15.3.2019 Slim Butler: Big Freeze
22.11.2018 Kepa Härkönen, The Wyman Family, Serko’s Circuit
19.10.2018 Pepe Ahlqvist: Ennen...
28.9.2018 Dr Helander & Third Ward: Meat Grindin’ Business
19.6.2018 AK-77, Rotten River Blues Band, Petri Matero Group
25.4.2018 Emilia Sisco & Helge Tallqvist: You Ain’t Heard
13.4.2018 Bluesnake: Serpent Stories
9.4.2018 Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip: Twentyfivelive at Blues Baltica
8.3.2018 Kinaret: Himanka
18.1.2018 Dave Forestfield: Nobody’s World
9.1.2018 Ninni & Mika: All Them Pretty Things
19.10.2017 Kapa Montonen Band: Mighty Fine Time
1.8.2017 Jarkka Rissanen & Sons Of The Desert: Hybrid Soul
20.6.2017 Jake's Blues Band: Live In Studio 2017
2.5.2017 Blue Stone, Muddy Moonshine, Jerry Kannu & Lentopetroolit
11.1.2017 The Kingbolt, Baby Boy Varhama, Petri Matero Group
9.11.2016 Lumberjacks: Shake 'em Roots
25.10.2016 Slim Butler: Bad Intention
14.10.2016 Honey B & T-Bones: Time Was
5.10.2016 Joensuu Riihimäki: Where's The Fire, John?
28.9.2016 Tina Bednoff and the Cocktailers: Jump, Sister, Jump
22.9.2016 Tyly Kohtalo, Siberian Blues Huskies & Jimmie "Bluesman" Lawson,
Knucklebone Oscar
6.7.2016 Echo & Cane: Gone Fishin'
29.6.2016 Pepe Ahlqvist: One Day Less, One Day More – Anniversary Collection
7.6.2016 Lena & The Slide Brothers: The Road
22.4.2016 Turn On, Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson, Eero Raittisen Eldis
25.3.2016 Helge Tallqvist: In Footsteps
10.3.2016 Tomi Leino Trio: Hip Shootin'
5.3.2016 Titty Bar Tim Blues Band: Flathead Woman
26.2.2016 Robban Hagnäs, Highway, Wolfskin Trio
15.1.2016 Wentus Blues Band: Lucky Strike Mama
16.12.2015 Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto, Derek Sindel Rock Band, Markojuhani
Rautavaara, Pirulainen
8.12.2015 Maisteri T, Frim-Fram Quartet, Bluesberries
18.11.2015 Big Buddy Playing With Friends: Bad Luck Hoodoo
27.10.2015 L.R. Phoenix: Quietly into the Night
21.10.2015 Eero Raittinen & White Knuckles Trio, Dr Helander,
Jay Kay & Blues Gang
30.7.2015 Bluesroad: Missä sä oot
18.6.2015 Dave Forestfield: Loyal Till The Bitter End
29.4.2015 Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip: Ain't Bad Yet
16.4.2015 Melrose: Got It Made
9.4.2015 West Coast Blues, Ärräpää Orchestra, Uolevi's Blues
6.4.2015 White Knuckles Trio: Got It Bad
12.2.2015 North Karelian Allstars: Red Haired Girl
2.2.2015 Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order, Lazy Moose, The Napkins
29.1.2015 Turn On: Diamond in the Rough
24.1.2015 Ismo Haavisto: Mean Blue Train
14.1.2015 Hitto: Kovaa seksiä
17.12.2014 Vantaan viihdeorkesteri: Let's Face the Music
10.11.2014 Nassaun Fasaani: Return
3.11.2014 Saltwater Jinx: Saltwater Jinx
18.8.2014 Tina Bednoff, Joensuu Riihimäki, Jari Rättyä (EP/single)
3.6.2014 Sleepwellers: Extended Play
2.6.2014 Little Willie Mehto: There Ain't No Coolin'
15.5.2014 Dave Forestfield: Party Music for Wasteland Teens
9.4.2014 Southpaw Steel 'n' Twang: Hale's Pleasure Railway
26.3.2014 Kari Riihimäki: Seasons
14.3.2014 T. Sameli Rajala, Elke Q, Lauri Ankerman
1.2.2014 Jukka Syrenius Band: Hard Labour
13.1.2014 Kat Baloun & Tomi Leino Trio: She's Got It
9.1.2014 Timo Lassy Band: Live with Lassy
12.12.2013 Echo & Cane, St Marcus Bluesband, Wolfskin Duo
31.10.2013 Ina Forsman with Helge Tallqvist Band
18.10.2013 Norrbotten Big Band: Into the Woodland Silence
11.10.2013 Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip: After the Flood
26.8.2013 Gene Taylor: Roadhouse Memories
2.7.2013 The Clay Bay Wolves: Man Is Wolf to Man
28.6.2013 Lena & The Slide Brothers, Little Willie & Night Train, Baby Boy Varhama
5.6.2013 Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto: Kuljet heidän keskellään
30.5.2013 Aili Ikonen & Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
8.5.2013 Hasse Walli: Live at Tavastia (DVD)
6.5.2013 Retro Kings: Over The Moon
1.5.2013 Jerry Kannu & Lentopetroolit, Blue Stone, Blues Union
24.4.2013 Erja Lyytinen: Forbidden Fruit
15.4.2013 Tomi Leino Trio: Get On Down
22.3.2013 Lumberjacks: Lumberjacks
20.2.2013 L.R. Phoenix: Live at Blues Rules Crissier Festival N:o 3
5.2.2013 Mickey and The Students: Bubbles
14.1.2013 Highway: Wanted
11.1.2013 Marjo Leinonen Huff 'n' Puff
18.12.2012 Rock and Roll All Night Long – A Rockabilly Tribute to Hurriganes
13.11.2012 Famous Boogiemen: You Don't Love Me
6.11.2012 Jarmo Puhakka: Slim Butler's Inner Blues
4.10.2012 Lauri Ankerman, VooDuo, Echo & Cane
19.9.2012 Elonkorjuu: Seasons
5.9.2012 Robban Hagnäs: Another Side of Robban
29.8.2012 Calle & Dave Lindholm: The Blue CD
29.7.2012 Keystone Cops: How To Crawl
18.7.2012 Kapa Montonen and The Bluesment Brothers: Routes to Roots
26.6.2012 Teddy & The Tigers: Master Cuts
6.6.2012 Maisteri T. & Lihan tie: Turpa kii ja tanssi!
25.5.2012 Titty Bar Tim Blues Band, Tuff Times, SupraFonics: Blues Line Finland
17.5.2012 Erja Lyytinen: Songs from the Road
15.5.2012 Hoodoo Sauna: Pohjolan Blues
24.4.2012 Jokipuiston orkesteri featuring Bianca Morales & Pepe Ahlqvist
15.2.2012 The Hoolers: The Hoolers
9.2.2012 Helge Tallqvist & Jukka Gustavson Band Plays Erik Lindström
7.2.2012 Devil Box: The Thing at the End
16.12.2011 Hurriganes: Live in Hamina 1973
13.12.2011 Jari Rättyä, Hank Nero, Doc Jerry, Iso Sokko-Ville
11.11.2011 Bloodshot Eyes, Dave Forestfield, Titty Bar Tim Blues Band
18.10.2011 Sleepwellers: New Tricks For Old Bricks
22.9.2011 Jake's Blues Band: Studio Live 2011
8.9.2011 Singlekatsaus: Jo' Buddy, Tortilla Flat, Helge Tallqvist
23.8.2011 Honey B & T-Bones: Walking Witness
30.6.2011 Ninni Poijärvi & Mika Kuokkanen: Powderburn
9.6.2011 Black River Bluesman, Forest Lake Band, Jokivarren Blues
27.5.2011 Janne Luukkonen & Luotisuora jakaus: Akrofobiaa 98
25.5.2011 Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order: Hot and Rockin'
28.4.2011 Little Miss Rock & Roll featuring The Fintones
27.4.2011 Ärräpää Orchestra: Up To My Ears In Snow
18.4.2011 Wentus Blues Band: Woodstock
27.1.2011 Baby Boy Varhama & The Jinx: A Long Time Comin'
10.1.2011 Tohtori Lounamo: Koukussa
9.12.2010 Jussi Kettu: Yliannos Bluesia
8.11.2010 Micke & Lefty feat. Chef: Up the Wall
8.9.2010 Sleepwellers: Check What You Get
2.9.2010 L.R. Phoenix & Mr Mo' Hell: Jumper on the Line
31.8.2010 The Clay Bay Wolves: Rural Disposition
26.8.2010 Lena & The Slide Brothers: Turn It On
22.7.2010 Dave Forestfield: Worn Out Dreams
14.6.2010 Pepe Ahlqvist: Näillä mailla
2.6.2010 Pete Gage: Tough Talk
26.4.2010 Erja Lyytinen: Voracious Love
21.4.2010 Jo' Buddy & Down Home King III: Everything's Gonna Be Alright!
20.4.2010 Elonkorjuu: Scumbag Goes to Theatre
19.4.2010 Jarkka Rissanen: Sunday School Head Count
19.3.2010 Niko Riippa: Flying Circus
12.3.2010 Ismo Haavisto Band: Winter Blues
10.2.2010 Cat Lee & Co: Meaow
17.12.2009 J. Lahtinen: Midsummer Snow - Juhannuslunta
3.12.2009 Gypsy Eyes: III
20.11.2009 D. Lindholm & Launeen K
28.10.2009 T Leino Band: Dynamite Boogie
21.10.2009 Jaakko Heinonen Band: Can't Complain
14.10.2009 De Soto: Goes Upright & Frozen Alive
2.10.2009 Honey B & The T-Bones: Alien Blues
15.9.2009 Jari Tolvanen Blues Bears: Here I Am
21.8.2009 Messengers: Silver
24.6.2009 San Antonio Blues Trial: San Antonio Blues Trial
17.5.2009 Sleepwellers: Mother or a Dodo?
20.4.2009 L.R. Phoenix & Mr Mo' Hell: Wrecked
16.4.2009 Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order: Full Throttle, No Brakes
4.4.2009 Ismo Haavisto Band: Gasoline Girl
18.2.2009 Ben Granfelt Band: Kaleidoscope
28.1.2009 Marty the Random Guy: Hooks
16.1.2009 Blue Jam Ribbon: Miehen paikka
13.1.2009 Daddy Giljoteen: Holy Mail Express
8.1.2009 Blue Stone: 9 Colors
31.12.2008 The Siberian Blues Huskies: Hard Case
3.11.2008 U. Pasanen Band: U Turn
24.10.2008 One Way Out: Caught in the Middle
13.10.2008 The Blues Funnel: Tulenarkaa
24.6.2008 Erja Lyytinen: Grip of the Blues   In English
3.6.2008 Messengers: Messengers
27.5.2008 Bluesbone: Mean Old Dog
14.4.2008 Jo' Buddy & Down Home King III: Whole Lotta Things to Do   Engl.
12.3.2008 Black River Bluesman & The Croaking Lizard: Rat Bone   In English
22.2.2008 St Marcus Bluesband: Two Sides
19.2.2008 The Clay Bay Wolves: Taken by the Blues
6.2.2008 Honky Tonk Men: Woodbeat
10.1.2008 Empson & The Bluesroad: Early Morning Blues
6.1.2008 Steve Guyger & T. Leino Band: Keep It Moving   In English
9.12.2007 Baby Boy Varhama: Year of the Blues
25.9.2007 L.R. Phoenix: Black Cat Bone / Bullfrog Brown: Tundra
29.6.2007 Micke Björklöf & Blue Strip: Whole 'Nutha Thang
18.6.2007 Groovy Blue: Overloaded Heart (EP)
VooDuo: VooDuo
7.6.2007 Blueswire: Fooling Around
25.4.2007 Wentus Blues Band: Agriculture   In English
3.4.2007 Mike Westhues: Shades of Blue
27.3.2007 King Bream: Everyday
5.3.2007 Daddy Giljoteen: Once They Called Me a Prodigy
26.2.2007 Bluestone: It Takes Time...
17.1.2007 Antti Karineva: West Coast Blues
3.1.2007 The Siberian Blues Huskies: Doggy Style (EP)
Cat Lee & Co: Moon Follows
8.12.2006 Esa Kuloniemi: The Legend of Bicycle Bronson
23.11.2006 Jo' Buddy & Down Home King III: Grits & Rattles
2.11.2006 One Way Out: The Blues Is Calling
24.10.2006 Erja Lyytinen: Dreamland Blues   In English
12.10.2006 Boogie Healers: F1rst Shot
29.9.2006 Gypsy Eyes: Soul Testify
22.9.2006 Mojo Hoop: Hoop's Been Talkin'

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